Cambridge - Lake Monger Community Shed

Welcome to the Cambridge - Lake Monger Community Shed Home Page

Construction of the Cambridge - Lake Monger Community Shed (LMCS) at the Lake Monger Recreation site in Wembley, Western Australia is nearing completion and currently we are in the process of acquiring equipment for the Shed fit-out.  We expect the shed to be operational by April 2021.

The Lake Monger Community Shed will provide a well equiped, first class facility to learn new skills, engage and support your local community as well as make new friends.

If you would like to be a part of the exciting community project please get in touch soon as membership of the shed will be limited in the early stages. Click here for membership details and here for contact details.

Before the Shed opens, we are holding “Shed without a Shed” meetings  every second Wednesday at Lake Monger Recreation Club. Please see the Events page for the next meeting.

After the shed is open, it will provide a meeting place for social interaction with an emphasis on activities such as:

Our members will be able to work on their own projects, but it is also intended the Shed make articles for other community groups and as to raise fund to support the Shed costs.