Cambridge - Lake Monger Community Shed

Shed Status

The Shed construction commenced in June 2020 and is the building is scheduled to be completed by late February 2021.

The Town of Cambridge (TOC) have provided significant support for the LMCS project and has

  • Financed the completion of the Community Shed detailed design in discussions with Peter Hunt (architect), and LMCS Inc. board members;
  • Reviewed and optimised (with LMCS assistance) the architect’s estimate for construction to reduce costs;
  • Approved the construction of the LMCS in July 2020;
  • Provided the funding to build the LMCS with some support from LotteryWest;
  • Dis-connected all services to, and demolished the old TOC outdoor staff’s workshop;
  • Cleared the LMCS site in preparation for commencement of construction;
  • Implemented a public tender for the LMCS construction, and awarded the construction
  • contract in July / August 2020 to Candor Constructors Pty Ltd;
  • Appointed a TOC superintendent to oversee the builders works; and
  • Issued the building permit on 28 August which allowed earthworks to commence on the
  • same day.

The Cambridge Community Shed Inc. is responsible for the fitting out of the shed and the provision of equipment for the planned shed activities.  The LMCS has assisted TOC to reduce the capital cost of building the LMCS by agreeing to reduce the scope of work including:

  • Removal of all Internal painting of the LMCS;
  • Removal of all internal walls;
  • Deletion of the dust extraction system and outdoor compressor cabin; 
  • Deletion of the refuse bin covered hardstand; and
  • Reduction in the quantum of electrical wiring to be installed.